Quality is the result of discipline, order and effort. Every day and everywhere. Our Total Quality Program (TQM) ensures that everything we produce and deliver is of the utmost quality. On time, undamaged and complete. Regardless of the order size or the client, each processing step is carried out with the same care and precision. Because we constantly strive to deliver outstanding quality.

Our quality department looks after quality management, quality assurance and quality control. At Tovenca, we invest in training our employees every year. Where the human eye and sensory capacities no longer suffice, we use sophisticated technology. We have jointly developed a new monitoring and inspection system that helps us to fulfil job orders. Quality is about more than delivering the right products. It also involves being committed, on time and thorough, and greeting clients with a smile.

More and more manufacturers around the globe are recognising that poor quality leads to higher and higher costs. Thanks to our TQP, our costs are under control. Only those who understand the importance of quality know how to ensure cost-effective procurement, efficient manufacturing processes and effective working methods. It’s worth it. 

Certified according to Range

ISO 9001
Management system for all ranges and processes

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