Each product is the result of intensive clarifications, technical and scientific research, and numerous tests and examinations. Upon request, we can include security, anti-counterfeiting and single-position features. Innovations in labels or labelling systems are not understood by lay people. To them, it is only a self-adhesive film or a piece of paper. Professionals know that application, processing, labelling, storage, distribution and usage all constitute significant stress factors. We therefore clarify with each individual client what their requirements and conditions are during the production process or in relation to the finished product. With more than 30 years’ experience and our use of the most up-to-date tools and techniques, we can offer customised products tailored to specific needs and clients.

As well as ensuring functionality and appearance, Tovenca offers you an almost limitless number of possible security, anti-counterfeiting and single-position features. Our products include open or closed holograms, different appearances, intaglio printing techniques, stitch formation, watermarks, security laminates, addition of particles (taggants), colour shifts, optional time-lapse printing, batch and product identifiers, invisible markings, ultraviolet printing, synthetic DNA, nano-particle, chemical and water-soluble infrared tags, security adhesives, track and trace codes, bar codes, data matrix bar codes, human-readable codes, serials batching, destructible films (temperature, chemical, mechanical), tamper seals, tamper-proof devices, micro-lettering and many more. Understandably, we only discuss the chosen products with individual clients themselves. We cannot, therefore, show any examples here.

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