Why make things complicated when there's an easy way?

That was the idea behind the PHARMA-MOUNT and PHARMA-X-MOUNT hang-up-labels, which are now being used successfully by a number of end clients.

Most of the products previously available on the market were just too complicated. They were often too difficult to apply, too impractical to use and tended to be priced at the top end of the market. After getting feedback from lots of clients and working together with one of the leading manufacturers of dispensers, we developed a product whose basic function is very straightforward – and that's probably what makes it so ingenious. It's such a brilliant idea because the basic function can be extended according to your needs. You can use it for tear-off document tabs, booklet labels or two-sheet labels – so you can include more information. And you can print variable data using heat transfer, inkjet, laser, etc.

We've got a wide range of different film materials to choose from, and of course they all meet pharmaceutical specifications. The functionality has been tested and guaranteed in accordance with the latest DIN standards, and the PHARMA-MOUNT and PHARMA-X-MOUNT can be used for containers ranging in size from 50 ml to 1,000 ml.


Key features of Tovenca PHARMA-MOUNT / PHARMA-X-MOUNT:

- Labels are manufactured in a single production process, so they are made in one piece
- Single or multi-coloured printing possible, with an area for subsequent printing of variable data using heat transfer, inkjet, laser, etc.
- Available in all common roll sizes
- The design is brilliantly simple and makes the labels easy to print
- The hanger is separate from the label, so it doesn't cause any printing problems or make the labels difficult to read
- Also available with booklets, tabs or an additional film layer
- Clear or white material versions can be produced on request
- Tested in accordance with the requirements of DIN ISO standard 15137
- Available for all common sizes of container and drip bottles from 50 ml to 1,000 ml.